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Green Wedding With Eco Paper and Flowers

Weddings can be costly affairs, but they don’t have to be wasteful. With just a few simple changes, your special day can become more eco-friendly and kind to the planet!

Start by selecting a green wedding venue. Look for one that emphasizes environmental practices and inquire about their recycling and composting programs. Furthermore, if both your ceremony and reception will take place at different locations, consider using shuttle service to reduce the number of cars making the trip.

Instead of purchasing floral arrangements, consider creating bouquets from repurposed pieces or plantable favors (think potted saplings and herbs). When selecting flowers for your bouquets, ensure they are VeriFlora certified so they aren’t grown with harsh chemicals or in inadequate working conditions.

Decorate your tables with items that can be reused or repurposed after the event, such as recycled glass votives or eco-friendly paper napkins. For an artistic touch, incorporate reclaimed wooden pieces or natural wood twigs in your centerpieces.

Another easy way to incorporate eco-friendly elements into your wedding decor is by adding some natural hues. Choose green for invitations, flowers and even the menu!

If you’re worried a floral theme will look too “green,” try mixing in some neutral shades for an updated look. This is an effective way to let your blooms stand out while keeping things minimal – which helps conserve water usage.

When selecting paper products, opt for brands that are eco-friendly or offer zero-waste options such as Botanical Paper Works. Their papers come embedded with seeds so guests can plant them in their gardens and transform the paper into plants, flowers or herbs!

When selecting linens for your wedding, search for a venue that rents linen napkins, tablecloths and runners. Doing this will save you tons of waste and instantly elevate the aesthetic of your look.

For an exciting alternative to traditional wedding favors, give out biodegradable tossing bags filled with your personalized mix of micro-flowers, petals and herbs. Alternatively, use confetti cones or kraft-paper bags to throw small bits of rice or other grains.

You can offer your guests the choice to bring their own reusable water bottle, which is especially helpful if you are hosting a destination wedding or have many guests traveling long distances for the special day.

Keep your guests hydrated at the reception with a water station that offers glass bottles and boxed water to refill. Don’t forget to fill glass jars with granola, candy, and nuts for nibbles – not only will this reduce waste but it makes an adorable gift for guests!

If you’re getting married in a warm climate, silk flowers and boutonnieres make for an elegant alternative to real stems that may die quickly.

If you’re looking to add some greenery to your wedding, ferns and eucalyptus make for a lovely choice. Tie them into centerpieces, use them along the aisle, or use them as an eye-catching centerpiece on the dessert table – whatever works best for you!

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