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Introducing Kids to STEM and STEAM Through Online Courses and Activities

Introduce your children to STEM and STEAM concepts through online courses and activities is a great way to keep them interested in learning. These courses can provide an engaging education experience, helping your kids hone skills that can be applied in real-world situations.

Coding Classes for Kids

Are you looking to teach your child how to program robots or educate them on the global impact of technology, online coding classes are the perfect solution. These courses are engaging and encourage kids to think critically as they build skills that can be applied across a range of applications – from creating games to editing pictures. Coding is becoming an increasingly important skill set in today’s workforce; why not give them something exciting like this?

In addition to coding, these courses can provide your child with exposure to subjects like art, science and math. Furthermore, these programs give students a well-rounded education which equips them with the abilities needed for success in their future careers.

ArtsEdge is an exceptional online learning program that integrates art with science, technology and engineering for an engaging experience for your child. These lessons will encourage them to reach their artistic potential while applying it to subjects such as chemistry, biology and math.

Game of Chess

Chess enthusiasts will love this course, which provides real-world challenges against people from around the world. Your child will gain patience, strategy and critical thinking as they strive to defeat their opponents. This course offers chess players the chance to showcase their skills against others around the globe!

Learn About the Environment With NOAA

This course is designed to give your child an understanding of the world around them while exploring environmental issues that are impacting it. The lessons are straightforward to follow and will engage your children while teaching them how they can make a positive impact on our planet.

Build a Maze with Sphero

If your kids are interested in robotics, this activity offers them a fun and hands-on way to exercise their creative problem-solving muscles. They will design paths for the Sphero robot to follow while also crafting a maze from items around their house or school.

Experience Peter and the Wolf Through Dance

If your home has plenty of space, why not teach your child some fun new dance moves by teaching them popular songs featuring various characters. This is an enjoyable and easy way for them to exercise their creative side while improving their coordination at the same time?

Check the teacher’s skills and teaching approach

A facilitator for an online course should be able to demonstrate concepts through hands-on activities that give your child maximum exposure to the material being taught. Furthermore, they should have the flexibility to adjust their style according to your child’s individual learning needs and preferences.

Look for a course that includes projects and assignments so your child can apply the knowledge acquired during the class to real-world situations. These tasks can be completed from home, or you may even decide to attend in person to see how well they do in an interactive setting.

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